Surgical Applications — Spinal


Recommend: MIS Ortho-Light™ OM1242

  • Also known as decompression surgery
  • Removal of the lamina – the outer portion – of the vertebra covering the spinal canal
How, When and Why it Helps

  • Often this is done as a minimally invasive procedure
  • Visualization is a key component in allowing a smaller incision to be made

Spinal Fusion

Recommend: MIS Ortho-Light™ OM1242

  • A permanent procedure used to increase the stability of a patient’s spine
  • Two or more vertebrae are fused together in this procedure
How, When and Why it Helps

  • In fusing the vertebrae there is serious risk of damaging blood vessels or nerves around the spine
  • Adequate lighting is a great advantage for completion of this procedure
  • The MIS Ortho-Light™ allows excellent illumination in a small flexible device

Anterior Cervical Spine Operations

Recommend: MIS Ortho-Light™ OM1242

  • The front of the neck is used as an access point to repair cervical vertebrae
  • Discectomy and fusion procedures can be done in this way
How, When and Why it Helps

  • The MIS Ortho-Light™ allows for better visualization of the vertebral disc for this procedure than traditional methods of illumination
  • This provides a great advantage given the sensitive location of the operation


Recommend: MIS Ortho-Light™ OM1242

  • Also referred to as microdecompression surgery
  • Minimally invasive procedure to repair the vertebral disc
How, When and Why it Helps

  • This procedure often allows the discectomy to be completed with an incision under 2 inches
  • In order to visualize affected nerves and debris in an incision of this size proper illumination is essential
  • The MIS Ortho-Light™ enhances this procedures by providing much needed light

Scoliosis Surgical Procedures

Recommend: MIS Ortho-Light™ OM1242

  • Any number of procedures used to straighten the spine from a curve
How, When and Why it Helps

  • These procedures often use screws, plates, cages, etc. to assist in stabilizing and fusing the spinal vertebrae
  • The MIS Ortho-Light™ aids in the placement and anchoring of these implants by providing illumination exactly where it is needed