LightMat® Ordering Information

Lumitex LightMat® Surgical Illuminator improves visualization in deep cavity surgery.

Flexible and malleable, it attaches easily to most retractors, bringing bright, cool area lighting where it’s needed – inside the surgical cavity.

Available in five styles by boxes of five individually packaged sterile units with adhesive strips to attach the LightMat® to the retractor.

For additional information contact your Lumitex MD representative or call us at:
(800) 969-5483 / (440) 243-8401

UA2550 LightMat Ultra-Thin
Flexible (box of 5)
SA3550 LightMat Standard
Flexible (box of 5)
TA2334 LightMat Thin
Malleable (box of 5)
004804 LightMat Standard
(box of 5)
MM1462 MicroBright*
Malleable (box of 5)

*MicroBright requires a special cable connection different from the LightMats above.