Ortho-Light™ Ordering Information

The Ortho-Light™, MIS Ortho-Light™ and Mini VersaLight™ are disposable, single-use-only devices designed to bring cool, bright area illumination for improved visualization in MIS Orthopedic cavities.

Mini VersaLight™ X-Tip provides irrigation, aspiration and retraction capabilities
to help save operating room time, space and cost.


is a flexible, low profile acrylic fiber
optic panel that attaches easily to most retractors
using biocompatible, two-sided adhesive strips.


MIS Ortho-Light™ is a malleable
acrylic fiber optic panel with a
minimal profile that holds shape as it
is bent. It is ideal for use within deep,
narrow MIS Orthopedic cavities.
OM2130 Ortho-Light™
Flexible (box of 5)
OM1242 MIS Ortho-Light™
Malleable (box of 5)
VSG411 Mini VersaLight™
Regular Tip (box of 5)
VSX433 Mini VersaLight™
Extended Tip (box of 5)


For additional information contact your Lumitex MD representative or call us at:
(800) 969-5483 / (440) 243-8401