Fiber Optic Light Guide Technology

Light Guide film

Light Guide Film

Light guide films use thin sheets of optically clear material coupled to an illumination source (like an LED) to spread light across a surface. Light is selectively extracted from the film through printed, raised, or embossed features. This technology is highly adaptable requiring no tooling or special handling.

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Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic Panels

Fiber optic lights utilize strands of glass or plastic light guide materials that transmit light from an illumination source (like an LED or bulb) with minimal loss over relatively long distances. The fibers can be modified to emit light in discrete locations through several techniques such as embossed light extraction features or by bending beyond a critical angle.

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Molded Light Guide, For Medical Use Only

Molded light guides are project specific and typically use optically clear plastics such as Acrylic and Polycarbonate in traditional injection mold tooling. The mold is designed with micro structures that extract the light where required. The process is highly repeatable and can be utilized in high volume applications.

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