We Engineer Light...

We engineer light into sensitive applications that need light without heat, electricity or electromagnetic interference, delivering it efficiently and cost effectively where it’s needed, using unique, proprietary designs that solve customer problems.

Our Goal is to gain leadership in our markets by building our technology, focusing on our customers by partnering strategically, and developing skilled, innovative and motivated people who have room to grow.

Applications include:

  • Electronics Backlighting
  • Medical Phototherapy and Surgical Lighting
  • Specialty Lighting Applications

We Engineer Light...

For Electronics Backlighting

Lumitex, Inc. designs, develops and manufactures custom backlighting for Membrane Switches, Keypads, Overlays, LCD’s, and other Displays.

Lumitex’s custom backlighting solutions offer many advantages:

  • Design flexibility, Easily customizable
  • Low startup costs
  • Low power
  • Long life
  • Simple to implement, no complex electrical drivers
  • Thin
  • No EMI/RFI

We Engineer Light...

For Medical Applications

Lumitex Medical Devices creates, manufactures and distributes unique, cool devices for medical illumination.

Our patented technologies are used to treat jaundice in infants and help surgeons better visualize deep surgical cavities.