Why Do I Need to Add  Light to My MRI ?

Ever been told you need to have an MRI?

For many people, the thought of a dark, loud and confined space is too much to handle.

In fact, a study involving an MRI diagnosis and claustrophobia, found up to 13% of patients receiving an MRI reported having a panic attack during the procedure. In a NIH study on MRIs and claustrophobia, a total of 95 patients (1.97%) suffered from claustrophobia and 59 (1.22%) prematurely terminated the examination due to claustrophobia.

As a leading custom medical lighting manufacturer, our passion is to help alleviate the anxiety and help improve patient comfort with the addition of interior lighting into an MRI bore.

Product Development Strategy: The Definitive Guide

This is the most thorough guide to understanding product development and all its intricacies.

The core of any product development stems from: Define - Build -Test.  Or Learn - Build - Measure.  Operative word = Build.

Andrew Maynard, an architect based in Australia said it best, "Product development will always outstrip our understanding of risk, but there is a lot we can do to narrow that gap".

In this new guide you'll learn about product development, idea screening, prototyping, business analysis and market strategy. Each step works in concert with the other as they relate to your overall product development strategy. 

Spinal Surgery Treatments and Approaches - What You Need to Know

What are the latest spinal surgeries offered today?

It is reasonable to consider spinal surgery if back pain persists after exhausting non-surgical remedies and if medication offers little to no relief, or if you're unable to perform basic daily activities. Before resigning yourself to surgical options, make sure you receive consultations from multiple spinal specialists. The key is to ensure that the procedure they choose best matches your lifestyle and desired level of physical activity.

Have you ever found yourself or a family/friend in this situation? About 400,000 people in the United States undergo spine surgery each year. 

The good news is...

Surgical Retractors - Types, Usage & Options

Surgical retractors help surgeons and operating room professionals hold an incision or wound open during surgical procedures. They aid in holding back underlying organs or tissues, allowing doctors/nurses better visibility and access to the exposed area.

The right retractor and medical device lighting will bring comfort and light directly into the surgical cavity where it is needed. If you're a physician, surgical rotation can be strenuous on your arms and if you're a patient you want the best care.  

Retractors play a crucial role in surgery. Today they come in different sizes, shapes and designs. Surgical retractor lighting could allow surgeons to better navigate in deep or minimally-open cavities. Better visibility during and at the end of surgery is beneficial to both the surgical team and patient.

9 Reasons Why Surgical Equipment With Illumination is Critical to OR's

Would you say quality lighting is essential for operating rooms?

The history of OR equipment is extensive and varies on the piece of  equipment being utilized. In the early 1800s, operating rooms were known as operating theaters.

Just imagine:

Surgeries were being performed on sunny days between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm since there was no electricity at the time. And candles were often used to help illuminate the room. 

Operating rooms require specific pieces of equipment. Many of which are high-tech used for advanced surgeries and would be inadequate without integrated lighting. As a custom medical device lighting company, our passion is bringing lighting solutions that enhance these products and impact lives.  

High quality surgical lighting is critical to perform sophisticated procedures in the OR. 

And here's why...

Electric Car News - EV Cars in the Fast Lane?

As a leading custom automotive lighting company, our passion drives us to stay on top of the latest auto trends--in this case electric car news.

Decades ago, the concept of an electric car for some, would have stirred up thoughts and images of a very futuristic, innovative and (possibly flying) vehicle.

But as time dictates...

Electric vehicles, although not flying presently, are innovative and are predicted to be very much the norm.

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance Forecast,  "The Electric Car Revolution is Accelerating". It projects electric cars will outsell fossil-fuel powered vehicles by 2038.

The Future of Wearable Electronics [Review and Case Studies]

image credit: wearable devices

I think you'll agree with me when I say:

The wearable tech market is alive and thriving. As a matter of fact, fitness trackers and smart watches are hotter than ever according to figures released by the International Data Corporation.

Statistics released from the IDC state that last year came to a close with 102.4 million devices shipped. "The worldwide wearables market reached an all-time high as shipments reached 33.9 million units in the fourth quarter of 2016, growing 16.9% year over year."

Prototyping Methodology: Steps on How to Use It Correctly

Prototyping has been widely used for decades. 

"A prototype is an early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from."

If you have an idea you need to evaluate, you may have asked yourself:

Is prototyping the way to go and why use it?

the easy answer is, to gather feedback.

In this article, you'll learn why you need to design a working prototype, different models you can use, the latest trends in prototyping and steps to easily get you started to reach your desired goal/solution.

Backlit Keyboards - A Complete Review (2017)

A backlit keyboard is simply a keyboard where the keys are illuminated for better visibility in low light environments or for your personal artistic taste.

They are popular with gamers because of their suitability in darker surroundings and for computer users for both their practicality and aesthetic reasons.

With the amount of time you spend on your keyboards as editors or programmers and yes those lucky enough to have all that time gaming, you probably want to see the keys.

We analyzed backlit keyboards to better understand their functionality and style. We took a look at the hardware side of things when it comes to your computer and tried to discover if a backlit keyboard is for you.