Our Story

Mission & Vision

To be a World Class light technology integrator; providing solutions that enhance products and improve life.

We often find our customers are looking to light their products in unique ways, but are uncertain about the best approach to use.

Our ‘technology-agnostic’ approach helps guide them to the right solution for their new application, enabling higher levels of product innovation. quotes-end-1


How We're Different

We can be your guide to the lighting landscape.

We aren’t selling an off the shelf lighting solution. Instead, we provide our knowledge to help in the full lighting system development process for our customers. We provide our customers with:

An Unbiased Use of Technology

Optical Expertise

Engineering and Development Expertise

Design for Manufacturing

Expertise in Highly Regulated Markets

Cost Effective Production and Final Assembly

What Makes Us Shine


20+ engineers with specific experience in optical system development


34 years developing lighting systems and components


130+ design/utility patents


Collaborative partnership with the Lighting Research Center @ RPI

4 of 5

Develop products for 4 of 5 largest MD companies in the US


Design & development for 2 of the largest tier 1 automotive suppliers in the World

We Help Our Customers

Obtain Higher Market Share

Improve Time to Market

Reduce R&D Dollars and Resources

Access Proven Knowledge Around Lighting Systems

Gain Better Appearance and Performance

Secure an Easy Transition to Manufacturing

Our Core Values

Lasting Impressions

Make a difference. Serve. Deliver more than a product.

Higher Standard

Drive excellence. Rise above.