Commercial Vehicle Lighting Solutions

Durable Lighting Solutions for Commercial Vehicles

The commercial vehicle industry has typically seen little change in the past, but emerging trends in technology around electric powertrain and autonomous driving have accelerated the pace. The industry is changing as the adoption of these new technologies starts to grow and become mainstream. New products and applications are coming to this market and lighting can play a major role.


Lighting can enhance design, function, and safety in the commercial vehicle industry. We provide durable lighting solutions for RV’s, buses, and rail transport, as well as agricultural, construction, and tractor-trailer vehicles. Lighting can be used across many different applications in these types of commercial vehicles including:

  • In-Seat Lighting
  • Side Markers
  • Dashboards
  • Functional Lighting Systems
  • Decorative/Ambient Lighting

Why our Technology is Ideal for Commercial Vehicle Applications

Our proprietary technologies offer many unique benefits to the Commercial Vehicle Industry:


Remote Light Source - Reduced maintenance needs and eliminates EMI on the panel.


Rugged - Our technologies can be designed into the most rugged and inert applications for extreme environments. 

  • Our Clad Flat Fiber® technology can withstand temperatures from -40°C to 85°C.
  • Our Uniglo and Woven Fiber Optic Panel Technologies can withstand temperatures from -40°C to 70°C. 

Low ProfileAllows designer to save space while placing light in unique areas of the vehicles.


Flexibility of Design

  • Adaptable to a variety of sizes, shapes and colors in a very thin format 
  • Light sources can be remote for sensitive areas 
  • Flexible materials can conform to various contours 

Cool, Thin, Flexible Medical Light Exactly Where You Need It

Our surgical illuminators provide cool, shadowless light inside the surgical cavity. Our illuminators can be customized for disposable, single use, multi-functional devices. We also provide specialized OR suite lighting, MRI lighting and LCD lighting for portable medical equipment.

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