Commercial Aerospace and Rotorcraft Lighting Systems

Energy Efficient Aircraft Lighting

With the growth in global aircraft industry and overall growth in air travel, the aerospace lighting industry is quickly growing as well. With this growth, the industry’s focus is increasing on safety compliance and passenger experience through more energy efficient aircraft lighting designs that will save fuel and consume less power.


Including lighting in aerospace applications is a great way to turn surfaces into communicable “smart” surfaces. The right lighting can improve customer experience and interaction with the aircraft. Lighting systems can be added to many different commercial aerospace and rotocraft applications including:

  • In-seat (economy/business/first)
  • Lavatory and galley
  • Overhead and wash
  • Branding panels and monuments
  • Ordinance and exit signage
  • Decorative/ambient lighting

Why our Technology is Ideal for Aerospace Applications

Our proprietary technologies offer many unique benefits to the Aerospace Industry:


Low Profile & Lightweight - As thin as .2mm to reduce the space needed


Efficient - We work with our customers to optimize the overall design to be power efficient and meet power requirements


Passenger Experience and Interaction - Functional or decorative lighting capabilities


Aesthetics - Consistent, uniform lighting


Easier Maintenance - Less bulbs


We have tested a composite consisting of our CFF with a 3M VHB FR adhesive that has passed 14 CFR 25.853 - Compartment interiors 12 second vertical burn test.

Aerospace Lighting Examples

Aerospace Lighting Example

Membrane Switch for Aerospace Seat

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Cool, Thin, Flexible Medical Light Exactly Where You Need It

Our surgical illuminators provide cool, shadowless light inside the surgical cavity. Our illuminators can be customized for disposable, single use, multi-functional devices. We also provide specialized OR suite lighting, MRI lighting and LCD lighting for portable medical equipment.

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Interested in an Aerospace Lighting Solution?

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Passenger Control Unit (PCU)

Membrane Switch Backlighting

Membrane switches are electrical controls for turning a circuit on and off. Backlighting a membrane switch is a great way to market the application and make the legends and keys easier to read. When our customer decided to modernize one of their passenger control units to enhance traveler experience and provide a more sophisticated look to their airplanes, they approached Lumitex for lighting solution. Our engineering team was able to provide a combination of benefits that no other backlighting technology could match.

With eight layers between the slim aluminum bezel base and overlay, we needed a compact, bright, uniform light that wouldn't sacrifice the tactile response of the switch. The design flexibility and thinness of Lumitex's Clad Flat Fiber™ allowed us to seamlessly create a custom solution. At only 0.2mm thick, we extracted light only where it was needed to maximize light output with minimal disruption to the dome switch layer. The superior performance of this user-friendly light guide resulted in our engineers being tasked to produce custom lighting solutions for a variety of their passenger control units.

Key Reasons our Clad Flat Fiber™ Technology was selected

  1. Easily integrated
  2. Thinness
  3. Brightness and Uniformity