Lighting Solutions To Help You Integrate Light With Your Surgical Retractor System

Everything you need to add light to your surgical retractor system to improve the standard of patient care

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Save Time & Resources

Optimize Retractor Illumination

Deliver Improved Surgical Outcomes

To Build a Better Retractor System and Become The Industry Leader of Surgical Solutions You Have To Integrate Optimized Light.

But There’s a Problem...

  • Lighting isn’t a core team competency
  • You don’t have the time or resources to do it in-house
  • An off-the-shelf solution isn’t optimal
  • Testing and choosing the right lighting technology is overwhelming
  • Design validation is expensive and is a large commitment
  • You have a short deadline

Save Time and Give Surgeons Their Visibility Back with Lumitex As Your Partner


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Avoid Development Roadblocks

Stop relying on trial and error development processes and leverage our experts to streamline your approach to lighting


Deliver Light In Its Most Impactful Way

Target light in exactly the right way to help your product perform at its best.


Improve The Standard of Patient Care

Develop new treatments, reduce product size and optimize your design to enhance patient care and outcomes.

How It Works


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Get The Optimal Lighting Solution


Improve Patient Care & Change The World

Lighting is hard.
We’re here for you.


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Over 75% of lighted surgical retractors use Lumitex light


4 of the 5 largest orthopedic medical device companies in the U.S. trust Lumitex


20,000+ surgical retractor lights supplied annually

Stop struggling with complex medical product lighting designs and deliver light in its most impactful way with Lumitex.

With increased demand for smaller devices and more effective light therapies, medical product companies are faced with more complex lighting challenges everyday. With Lumitex as your partner, you’ll get the optimal lighting solution, get your product to market faster, and deliver light in its most impactful way.

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Surgical Lighting

The Definitive Guide

The challenge lies in finding the right surgical lighting that fits operating room staff and the patient's needs. In this new guide, we discuss common lighting methods utilized in the operating room, diverse surgical procedures that require different lighting specialties and types of light sources.

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