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Why In-Cavity Lighting Technology

Surgical trends toward less invasive approaches are not well-served by traditional headlamps and overhead lighting, which cast shadows in minimally-open cavities. Lighted retractors bring shadowless, low-profile light into the cavity that can enhance visualization, allowing surgeons to better navigate the entire space. It's like turning on a fluorescent light inside the surgical cavity.

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"The best lighting is going to give you everything that you need -- the anatomy to actually do the surgery. Sometimes the tissue planes are difficult to tell apart and light is going to be the key differentiator. For instance, sometimes to differentiate scar tissue from nerve or dura, and great lighting will give you the contrast you need"

Orthopedic Resident at
Johns Hopkins Hospital

Surgical Retractor

Why Partner With Lumitex

We are experts at what we do, from concept to completion our team of engineers will work with you to develop the innovative lighting solution to enhance your retractor system. Working with Lumitex’s engineering team we will prepare a detailed proposal for your evaluation and approval. We draw insight from our significant experience in optical design and backlighting.

Our light is cool, low-profile, versatile and adaptable, and can be directed or diffused for best effect.

Cool: Able to bring light deep into surgical cavities.
Adaptable: Can be integrated or attached to existing instruments while minimal thickness and flexibility preserves surgical space.
Appropriate for the Procedure: Light can be directed toward the surgical focus, or diffused to illuminate the entire cavity.
Surgical Retractor

Benefits of In-Cavity Lighting 

There are multiple benefits of Integrating light to fit your retractor system:


Improved visualization and navigation of sensitive areas


Minimized blood loss through better identification of bleeders


Ability to transilluminate tissue

How You Can Illuminate Your Retractor

Integrate Light

Integrate Light

Integration allows for cool, extremely thin light to be seamlessly designed into your system for precise illumination. Light can be integrated via clips, channels or other engineered options.

Add On Light

Add On Light

Our fiber optics can be attached to a cannula allowing for you to bring cool light directly into the body cavity. Our thin, flexible fiber optic technology is extremely versatile as it can be adhered to any retractor system.

Surgical Retractor Success Story


Cervical Spine Retractor System

When our customer decided to elevate their retractor systems to enhance the surgeon’s user experience and provide for a safer operating condition, they approached us for a lighting solution. Our engineering team was able to provide a combination of benefits that no other surgical lighting company could match. With 120 fibers in each “leg” infused in the slim stainless steel surgical tubing, we designed a compact, bright, uniform, shadowless light that wouldn't sacrifice valuable working space. The design flexibility and thinness of Lumitex's Tube Light™ allowed us to seamlessly create a custom solution. At only 1.5mm in diameter, we delivered light only where it was needed, maximize light output with minimal disruption to the working area.

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Why Add Light to Your Surgical Retractors


94% of surgeons agree that lighting in the cavity could improve surgery and reduce risk!

Based on a survey conducted at the National Association of Spinal Surgeons

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