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Lumitex’s proprietary technologies are uniquely inert and well-suited to sensitive medical applications. Our ability to provide remote light sources removes any interference with electronic equipment, enabling for example low-profile patient comfort lighting in an MRI bore. Our low-profile diffuse light is used as a flexible staging light for some laparoscopic surgeries.

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Lumitex Value Added Services

Lumitex Value Added Services (L-VAS) provides detailed engineering and design support from concept to production for your application. The process starts with a Lumitex Sales Engineer and/or Application Development Manager documenting your application and performance requirements.

Working with Lumitex’s engineering team  we will prepare a detailed proposal for your evaluation and approval.  We draw insight from our significant experience in optical design and backlighting. To learn more about how Lumitex engineering can become an extension of your team, contact a Lumitex lighting expert today.

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