Medical Display & Ambient Light

Medical Keypad, Human Interface, and Ambient Lighting

The medical lighting industry is continuing to grow as hospitals are expanding and building new infrastructure, as new technologies emerge, and as lighting systems are adopted across different types of medical applications. Visibility is crucial to the performance of medical staff from nurses to surgeons. Without the proper lighting and visibility to perform their certain tasks, the possibility of error increases. The right lighting can also help make patients feel more comfortable and at ease during procedures and testing.


Medical Keypad and Human Interface Lighting

Lighting can be added to all types of medical keypads including membrane switch keypads, anti-microbial membrane keypads, medical touchscreens, and rubber keypads. Medical keypad and interface lighting help provide safety and accuracy across many applications including:

  • Infusion Pumps
  • Nurse Stations
  • Patient Monitor
  • Diagnostic Equipment
  • Blood Analyzers
  • Defibrillators
  • Hospital Beds
  • Imaging Equipment
  • Ventilators
  • Home Health Care Devices

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting in the medical and healthcare space can help relieve anxiety and enhance comfort in patients making them feel more at home. Lighting can also provide visibility during important procedures. Applications include:

  • MRI Lighting
  • Operating Room Overhead Lighting
  • Patient Room Lighting

Why our Technology is Ideal for Medical Keypad/Human Interface and Ambient Lighting

Our proprietary technologies offer many unique benefits to the Medical Lighting Industry:


Low-Profile - As thin as .2mm to reduce space needed and maintain tactile feel


Efficient - Bright, efficient and low power. We work with our customers to optimize the overall design to be power efficient and meet power requirements


Flexibility of Design 

  • Adaptable to a variety of sizes, shapes and colors in a very thin format
  • Flexible materials can conform to various contours

Remote Light Source - Light sources can be remote for sensitive areas eliminating EMI

Who We Work With

We partner with engineering, marketing, and product design teams to develop an innovative and custom approach to their lighting needs. Companies that are the best fit to work with us in the area of the medical keypad and human interface lighting are:


Human Machine Interface Solution Providers


Membrane Switch Houses


Medical Device OEMs


Contract Manufacturers


Design Firms

Application Examples

medical lighting example

Infusion Pump

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medical lighting example

Portable Ultrasound

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MRI lighting example

Closed MRI Bore Light

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Cool, Thin, Flexible Medical Light Exactly Where You Need It

Our surgical illuminators provide cool, shadowless light inside the surgical cavity. Our illuminators can be customized for disposable, single use, multi-functional devices. We also provide specialized OR suite lighting, MRI lighting and LCD lighting for portable medical equipment.

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Interested in a Medical Display & Ambient Light Solution?

Get in touch with a medical backlighting expert at Lumitex

Infusion IV Pump


A leading manufacturer of medical devices and laboratory equipment contacted Lumitex to develop a fiberoptic backlight for a membrane switch assembly on a IV infusion pump. The Uniglo Fiber Optic Technology was selected as the backlighting technology, due to it’s design flexibility, the fiber bending Bendio-Glo process, uniformity, thinness, and durability capabilites. One design challege on this medical device was to backlight a large membrane switch overlay with a cut-out for an LCD screen in the middle of the panel, while utilizing one (1) 5mm LED to backlight the entire assembly. The fiberoptic panel with one LED was accomplished by selectively extracting the light only in the specific areas that needed to be backlit, thus allowing a decreased quantity of fiber strands to be crimped inside the brass termination of the panel. Once the main IV device pump was tested and certified, (3) other hand held remotes for the IV pump also required backlighting, which was awarded to Lumitex using smaller fiberoptic backlights.

Key Reasons our Uniglo Fiberoptic Panel Technology was selected

  1. Thinness – Tactile Response
  2. Uniformity – light output
  3. Utilizing (1) LED – Power Consumption
  4. Lumitex Service – Quality, engineering and customer service

Portable Ultrasound Equipment

Membrane Switch

Our customer is proud to be the only U.S. based manufacturer of portable, state-of-the-art, real-time ultrasound scanners for veterinarians and livestock producers world-wide. When developing the latest and most advanced model in its family, their design team presented Lumitex with an opportunity to backlight the membrane switch keypad. With its unique circuitry and limited real estate under the rubber keypad, Lumitex Clad Flat Fiber™ technology offered a great fit. Our engineers were able to easily develop a custom solution conforming to the complex geometry. The intense light of the Lumitex .3mm Clad Flat Fiber™ material was strong enough to provide superior illumination and its thin profile offered exceptional tactile response and effortless integration. Because of this, Lumitex was awarded the business.

Key Reasons our Clad Flat Fiber™ Light Guide Film Technology was selected

  1. Light intensity and uniformity
  2. Thin profile
  3. Custom fit

Closed MRI Bore Light


A leading in MRI manufacturing presented Lumitex with two different opportunities to light up the inside of a closed MRI bore. The primary purpose of the bore light strips was to create a therapeutic glow of warm light down the length of the bore to ease the sense of claustrophobia and argoaphobia for patients. Two (2) fiberoptic light strips are used per bore and are lit with only one (1) light source. Both Woven and Uniglo Technologies are utilized with two different bores.

Illuminating the interior of an MRI bore poses a unique challenge. How do you introduce light without affecting the functionality of the MRI? The use of our stranded fiber otic technologies allowed the customer to do just that. The solutions include a 130” cable that connects to a remote light source (also developed by Lumitex). This allows the light source to be placed into a shielded room to prevent any interferance with the MRI. The remote source also allows for quick replacement of the bulb without inturuptin MRI operation.


Key Reasons our Woven and UniGlo Fiber Optic Panels Technology was selected

  1. Two (2) fiberoptic panel strips emit uniform light down the length of the bore tube at the 11:00 and 1:00 o’clock positions.
  2. Fiberoptic panels are totally inert and do not interfere with magnetics of the MRI.
  3. Fiberoptic panels do not create heat.
  4. Fiberoptic panels are very thin and have low profile, which does not interfere with patient space or comfortability.
  5. Fiberoptic cables are 130” in length, which allows the remote light source to be positioned in the shielded room.
  6. Remote light sourcing allows for quick replacement of the incandescent bulb or LED