Lumitex patented Uni-Glo® technology is a proprietary abrasion process that causes plastic optical fiber panels to glow uniformly. Most Uni-Glo® processed backlighting panels are constructed of .010" diameter plastic optical fibers. Utilizing a reflective backing, the panel can be as thin as .013" for a single layer device. Two or more layers provide greater brightness and improved uniformity. This technology is ideal for backlighting membrane switches, LCDs, panels, control consoles, PRNDLs, keyless entry, machine vision, man-machine interface, elastomeric keypads, courtesy lights, signs and point of purchase (POP) overlays.

The thin profile and flexibility of Uni-Glo® backlighting panels allows placement between an elastomeric keypad or overlay and a non-tactile or tactile dome membrane switch. When the elastomeric or overlay is depressed, the Uni-Glo® panel flexes, easily allowing actuation of the switch. The addition of single or double layer Uni-Glo® backlighting panels will provide little noticeable difference in the required actuation pressure. Testing results are available confirming this through 1 million cycles in a variety of temperatures and environments.

An independent laboratory additionally conducted Mechanical/Temperature Life Cycling tests on one-layer and two layer Uni-Glo® backlighting panels. The panels showed no signs of light transmission degradation throughout the testing process. Detailed test results are available from Lumitex for a variety of actuation environments.