LCD Backlighting

Lumitex patented Woven and Uni-Glo® fiber optic panels provide backlighting in custom shapes, sizes and configurations. In a typical design, we use two or more layers of Woven or Uni-Glo® Fiber Optics to form a rectangular light emitting area. This product is typically 0.068” (1.73mm) thick with two layers of Woven Fiber Optics®. If this is too thick, the Uni-Glo® provides 0.026” (0.66mm) for two layers. The fibers at one end are bundled into a cylindrical ferrule and coupled to one or more LED light sources. An alternative technology is our thinner Clad Flat Fiber™. Lumitex Clad Flat Fiber™ is suitable for LCD applications offering a surface mount LED alternative.