LCD Backlighting Solutions

Thin, Low-Profile Backlights in Custom Shapes, Sizes, and Configurations.

In order for Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) to display a message (like the one you are reading on this screen), visible ambient light must be present. LCDs do not supply light on their own and a backlight needs to be added. Having the right light to adequately backlight an LCD is important so the display message can be read accurately.


LCDs are all around us in everyday electronics and appliances. Our fiber optic backlighting technologies work well in the following LCD applications:

  • Audio Systems
  • Electronic Device Displays
  • Wearable Devices
  • Marine Displays
  • Automotive Displays

Why our Technology is Ideal for LCD Backlighting

Our proprietary technologies offer many unique benefits to the LCD Industry:


Low-Profile - As thin as .2mm to reduce space needed.


Efficient - Bright, efficient and low power. We work with our customers to optimize the overall design to be power efficient and meet power requirements


Flexibility of Design

  • Adaptable to a variety of sizes, shapes and colors in a very thin format 
  • Flexible materials can conform to various contours 

Uniformity - Uniform light across the entire display.


Easy Maintenance - Panels do not need replaced and light source is mounted away from the LCD allowing for easy replacement

Who We Work With

We partner with engineering, marketing, and product design teams to develop an innovative and custom approach to their lighting needs. Companies that are the best fit to work with us in the area of LCD backlighting are:


LCD Manufacturers


Contract Manufacturers


Design Firms

OEM Electronics Manufacturers

LCD Backlighting Examples

lcd backlighting example

Audio System

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lcd backlighting example

Parking Meter

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Cool, Thin, Flexible Medical Light Exactly Where You Need It

Our surgical illuminators provide cool, shadowless light inside the surgical cavity. Our illuminators can be customized for disposable, single use, multi-functional devices. We also provide specialized OR suite lighting, MRI lighting and LCD lighting for portable medical equipment.

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Interested in an LCD Backlighting Solution?

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Audio System

LCD Backlighting

Molded light guides represent a very strong competition in higher volume LCD applications, but are usually not practical to tool up for low to medium volume custom backlights. Therefore, Lumitex’s Cut-2-Size™ Backlighting Kit was the perfect solution for this professional audio and video company’s low volume project. Requiring no tooling or non-recurring engineering charges, the Cut-2-Size™ kit includes thin, Clad Flat Fiber™ optical sheets and printed circuit boards. Using just a pair of scissors, the flexible polycarbonate optical sheets were easily cut to create a custom backlight in a matter of minutes. To quote their system designer "I don’t see this being the last time we purchase one of your kits!"

Key Reasons our Cut-2-Sixe™ Backlighting Kit was selected

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Cost efficient.
  3. Everything included- fully populated circuit board and light guide sheet

Parking Meter - LCD


A leading manufacturer of parking meters, contacted Lumitex to backlight an 4.4” display on their next generation, Parktel 2.0 parking meter. The Uniglo Fiber Optic Panel Technology was awarded the business due to improved uniformity compared to a Far East plastic molded light guide, which was standard with the 4.4” LCD display. The Uniglo Fiber Optic Panel Technology was also designed with one (1) fiber optic layer, which is .3302mm thick and also includes an enhancement process, called “lit to center”. The “Lit To Center” process with one LED on opposite ends of the backlight provides superior illumination, while consuming far less power compared to the (4) LED, plastic molded light guide.

Key Reasons our Uniglo Fiber Optic Panel Technology was selected

  1. Uniformity – light output
  2. Power consumption – Solar charging battery packs
  3. Life
  4. Low start up costs
  5. Made in the USA - Delivery