OEM Applications — Phototherapy

BiliSoft® and BiliBlanket®

Sold through GE HealthCare, the BiliSoft® and BiliBlanket® are market leaders in delivering user-friendly phototherapy to babies in U.S. hospital, home and international markets.

BiliSoft® features include a soft fiber optic pad and nest for swaddling the baby, high-intensity,
long-life, narrow-band LED lighting, hour meter, and quiet operation, delivering up to 50 microwatts of
narrow-band blue light to most effectively treat the jaundice.

The BiliBlanket® Plus High Output Phototherapy System delivers up to 56 microwatts of
penetrating light directly to the baby's skin for effective jaundice management.

Unlike other forms of phototherapy, with the BiliSoft® and BiliBlanket®, the baby may be
cuddled, cared for, and even nursed while receiving treatment. Parent and infant bonding
can take place without the interruption required by conventional phototherapy lights.

With the use of the optional transilluminator attachment, the BiliBlanket® system easily
converts to one of the most powerful transilluminators available today.


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