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Your product's lighting design is in good hands with Lumitex:

we work with a variety of customers, including engineers, design firms, manufacturers and more.

At Lumitex, we understand the importance of staying ahead of today's rapidly changing medical technology landscape to create exceptional user experiences. Our process is designed to meet the unique needs of every client, from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs), ensuring we provide solutions and partnerships that foster innovation, quality and excellence.

With a strong track record of collaborative success and quality assurance, our team is committed to delivering flexible, scalable lighting solutions that enhance your product’s value and uphold your reputation for cutting-edge innovation. Whether you need support from start to finish, or just on a few steps, we'll work together to make your projects a reality. Our team is a true extension of yours.

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The Lumitex Process

We’ve designed our six-step approach to ensure ultimate client satisfaction, exceptional product performance and flawless production execution.

0.0 Feasibility

We'll work together to identify the problem or challenge, define the project scope, assess constraints and outline goals to ensure a thorough understanding of your needs. Then, we'll provide you with initial design concepts and cost and time estimates, ensuring a high-quality output within your desired timeframe and budget.

1.0 Concepts

Lumitex will test solution ideas, develop functional specifications, create concepts and identify potential suppliers — and we'll work through your feedback to ensure the chosen concept is exactly to your specifications.

2.0 Prototypes

Lumitex can prototype in-house, from purchasing tooling and non-recurring equipment to testing and refining prototypes, saving time and money. You'll be able to provide direction and select from prototype options.

3.0 Product Improvement

Quality, user experience and manufacturability are always top-of-mind, especially during product improvement. We'll define any issues or challenges that arise during prototyping to improve the design, output or manufacturability and provide new drawings or renderings as necessary. We'll also develop packaging and freight options.

4.0 Pre-production

Lumitex will handle all vendor quotes, as well as industrial and tooling designs. We'll ensure you're involved in developing the manufacturing process and are satisfied with the product design's functionality, usability and aesthetics.

5.0 Production

Our team will configure the production line and manage the first run, testing and refinement and the first lot. Lumitex also handles the regulatory and compliance approvals — so all you have to do is let us know where to ship the goods.

Our Process


Before we can help with your project, we need to understand your goals and challenges

We want to help you meet all the goals of your project, and to do that we need to understand what they are. In the discovery phase of our process, the first step is for you to have a discussion with our team to talk through your goals, challenges, and any requirements you have when it comes to your lighting system and your project as a whole. We want to understand the specifications for your system as well as any design requirements.

Looking to use light to add innovation to your project, but not sure where to start? We also offer as part of our discovery phase a brainstorming session with our passionate and energetic engineering team. This add-on service brings our team and your team together to talk through all of the possibilities for your project’s lighting system solution. The sky is the limit!

During the discovery phase you can expect to receive:

  • A list of your project requirements based on initial discussions
  • A draft statement of work for your review


In this phase, we want to make sure we can add value to your overall project to ensure your success

We want to develop and build partnerships where we can help streamline lighting system development. This can’t happen if we can’t truly add value to the process for our customers.

In the feasibility stage of our process, we already understand your requirements for your project and are now trying to determine all of the possibilities to solve your unique challenge. We will start to explore technologies and potential ways to come up with a solution, and in the end determine if, where, and how we can add value to your lighting system development.

During the feasibility phase you can expect to receive:

  • Preliminary design approaches (pathways)
  • Preliminary costs and time estimates for development


Our team works together during this step to model how the lighting system will look, what it will do, and how it will work

This is where we get to work! Our goal is to not just find a lighting solution for your project but to find the right lighting solution for your project. Our team works together during this step to model how the light will look, what it will do, and how it will work, providing you with a potential concept drawing and rendering that will bring your idea to life. Our team of optical, electrical, mechanical, and design engineers are experts at illumination adding value to the whole lighting system development. This saves your team time and allows you to focus on the overall project.

Because we are also a manufacturer, we understand that designing for production is important. Our team will determine a list of lighting technologies that will work in the development of your system and source components to provide you with pricing and lead times.

During the design phase you can expect to receive:

  • 1-3 concept drawings and rendering for our approach to the lighting system
  • Initial sourcing for component parts with pricing and potential lead times
  • Basic optics simulation

Prototype and Testing

During the prototyping step, we will develop a functional prototype of the approved lighting system design so you can see how the right light can help you accomplish your goals

We understand that often seeing is believing and this is how we show you that having the right lighting matters.  During the prototyping step, we will develop a functional prototype of the approved lighting system design so you can see how the right light can help you accomplish your goals.

We’re fast

Because we have an on-site prototyping lab with dedicated prototyping equipment, we are able to turn around prototypes quickly which can help speed up the overall product development process.

Practice makes perfect

Or maybe it’s actually testing makes perfect… We can develop optical and electrical testing plans, run the test, and analyze the test results all in-house. This can help you assure that your prototype is perfect for your project.


We make sure the prototype is production ready. If you like it, it can be produced just the way it is saving you the time, money, and resources it requires to source suppliers for the component parts. This is especially helpful in the highly regulated industries of automotive and medical devices. All of our prototypes are developed with production intent with quality and regulatory requirements in mind so you don’t need to worry about approving a prototype and then having to redesign it to get it into production.

But maybe you need adjustments made to the design, output or manufacturability? No worries! We want your lighting system design to be exactly what you need and will work through those changes with you.

During the prototyping phase you can expect to receive:

  • Physical prototypes at quantity
  • Bill of Materials at volume
  • Cost and time estimates for manufactured products at volume

Learn More About Our Prototyping Capabilities >


Whether you, a contract manufacturer, or Lumitex is producing the lighting system or component we can help you transition your concept/prototype to production. We have the capabilities in-house to produce a lighting system and also do component and final assembly

We will work with you to develop manufacturing processes and test run these processes at volume and eventually run the first lot.

We have many capabilities within our production:

  • Pick n Place
  • Laser
  • Roll Stamp
  • Proprietary production processes for fiber optic panels and light guide film technologies
  • Component assembly
  • Electronic assembly

We also have production expertise in the medical device and automotive industries and have knowledge of the regulatory and compliance factors that are involved.

We can do production at either of our facilities in the US or Asia. Depending on where you or your customers are located or your project needs this could help save on the overall cost of the system.

In the design and prototyping phases, we can design the system for production, but the production does not have to be done with us. Sometimes it may not make sense to have us do the production, but if we are able to design and also produce the lighting system for you, it can help speed up the process and also save on overall costs.



We apply our 5-step LUMivate approach to ensure customer satisfaction, product performance, and production execution. Learn more here about our process to streamline your lighting system development.

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0.0 Feasibility



  • Define problem or challenge statement
  • Define scope
  • Understand constraints
  • Define customer goals
  • Create solution ideas


  • Preliminary design approaches and/or concepts
  • Preliminary cost and time estimates

1.0 Concepts



  • Test solution ideas
  • Resolve major hurdles
  • Develop functional specifications
  • Develop cost and time estimates
  • Create 1-3 concepts
  • Identify potential suppliers


  • Concept renderings
  • Functional specification ranges for each concept
  • Potential suppliers/sources for each concept
  • Refined cost and time estimates
  • Customer direction based on concepts

2.0 Prototypes



  • Purchase tooling and non-recurring equipment/materials
  • Vendor quotes, order materials, purchase components
  • Create benchtop testing protoypes
  • Test benchtop prototype and refine specifications
  • Build prototypes at quantity


  • Tooling and non-recurring equipment/materials
  • Unused components (if any)
  • Benchtop testing protoype and specifications results
  • Prototypes at quantity
  • Cost and time estimates for manufactured product at volume
  • Customer direction and prototype selection


3.0 Product Improvement



  • Define issues or challenges
  • Improve designs, output or manufacturability
  • Refined pricing based on engineering or production changes
  • Develop packaging and freight options


  • Improved product design or process
  • New drawing and renderings
  • Estimates of cost improvements or changes
  • Final packaging design and mockup
  • Freight estimates


4.0 Pre-Production



  • Vendor quotes at min/max volumes
  • Industrial design
  • Tooling design
  • Refine cost and time estimates for manufactured product at volume
  • Develop manufacturing process with customer and produce prototypes at volume


  • Approved vendors, component specifications and prices
  • Finished product design for functionality, usability and aesthetics
  • Tooling and equipment for production
  • Draft manufacturing process

5.0 Production


  • Quote production pricing at updated min/max volumes
  • Configure production line
  • First run
  • Test and refinement
  • First lot


  • Finished product shipped to customer specified location
  • Regulatory and compliance approval

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