Technology That Enables More Vibrant Electronics

Utilizing our proprietary lighting technologies, we engineer backlighting solutions that offer uniform, bright, thin backlighting for electronics products. We adapt our designs and manufacturing to meet your needs, from specification and systems design through Production Validation Testing and product launch.

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ltpony-chrome ltpony-light

Transportation Solutions That Bring Safety and Beauty to Your Products

We design, develop and produce custom accent lighting for automotive, commercial vehicle and aerospace application. Our technologies are rugged, built to withstand temperature, humidity, vibration and shock extremes. They are low-profile, light-weight and cost-effective, and can be designed in custom sizes, shapes, colors and configurations. 

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Cool, Thin, Flexible Surgical Light Exactly Where You Need It

Our flexible and adaptable technologies allow us to integrate light into your retractor systems – seamlessly bringing cool, shadowless light directly into the surgical cavity where it is needed. We partner with Original Equipment Manufacturers to engineer cool, low profile lighting into various retractor systems, allowing surgeons to better navigate in deep or minimally-open cavities. 

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MRI Lights

Low-Profile Medical Lighting Technology for Any Application

Our ability to provide remote light sources removes any interference with electronic equipment, enabling, for example, low-profile patient comfort lighting in an MRI bore. We can also provide custom OR suite accent lighting and display backlighting for portable medical equipment. 

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Serving Customers Globally

Our global presence allows us to be flexible, competitive and accessible when serving our customers.



Strongsville, OH United States

Lumitex, Inc. - Lumitex Medical Devices, Inc.

Our Cleveland headquarters hosts our corporate R&D, much of our applications development, and manufacturing for electronics and medical lighting solutions.


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Hsinchu County, Taiwan

Lumitex Asia, Ltd.

Our Asia facility in Hsinchu Country, Taiwan, serves the keyboard backlighting market and provides local production for Asian electronics and medical customers.


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A 30 Year History of Innovation

A Timeline of Ideas Brought To Light

Woven Technology

Invention of Woven Technology

Flexible, lit fabric developed in a garage using a repurposed loom.



Creation of the BiliBlanket

Allows nurses to wrap babies in a light blanket to treat jaundice.

LA Gear Light up shoes

Light-up Shoes

Our technology was used to light the first LA Gear shoes.

Laser Tag

Laser Tag Vest

This vest not only illuminates but is able to detect when hit by a laser.

mri lighting

MRI Lighting

Our low-profile diffuse lighting with a remote light source allowed us to be a perfect fit for GE Medical's MRI System.



Allowed surgeons to bring illumination deep into the surgical cavity and could adhere to any retractor.

apple backlit keyboard

First Backlit Keyboard

Our continuous innovation gave us the opportunity to be the light in the first production backlit keyboard.

Friendly Fire Protection - TRON

TRON Friendly-Fire Protection

Allows for troops to be easily identified and distinguished utilizing night vision technology from afar.

Lit Flat Door Sills

Ultrathin Lit Door Sills in Car

Our automotive applications grew as we helped pioneer the world of automotive accent lighting with our thin engineered technology.

Retractor Lighting

Custom Retractor Lighting

Light that can be integrated into the design of a surgical retractor for light where it is needed.

Lit Automotive Logos

Lit Automotive Badges

Our strong engineering capability give us the capability to light shapes and sizes never thought possible.


About Lumitex

We engineer light to create innovative and inspired lighting solutions to enhance products and impact life. Lumitex designs, develops and manufactures custom electronics backlighting, fiber optic devices, surgical and phototherapy lighting systems. Our solutions provide bright, uniform light without heat, without electricity at the surface, and without EMI.

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