3 Businesses, One Vision

To be the preferred choice for flexible, low-profile, engineered lighting solutions.


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Lumitex, Inc.

Founded in 1985, Lumitex, Inc. designs, develops and manufactures custom-engineered backlighting for Membrane Switches, Keypads, Overlays, LCD’s, Automotive accent lighting and specialty applications.  Among our products are HMI backlights for medical, industrial, home security and audio equipment, thin-profile door sill lights and badge lights for cars, truck marker lights and specialty lighting for laser-tag vests and whirlpools.


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Lumitex Medical Devices, Inc.

Lumitex Medical Devices designs, develops and manufactures unique, cool lighting for phototherapy and surgical illumination. Our patented technologies are used to treat jaundice in infants, where GE Healthcare is our exclusive world-wide distributor.  We also help surgeons better visualize deep or minimally-open surgical cavities, designing for spinal, orthopedic and other surgical OEM’s.


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Lumitex Asia, Ltd.

Established in Taiwan in 2008, Lumitex Asia, Ltd. develops and produces optically-engineered thin keyboard backlighting for laptops and gaming computers.  We backlight some of the thinnest laptops in the world.  Lumitex Asia also offers local manufacturing for Asian electronics and automotive customers.