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A History of Developing Lighting Systems and Technologies

We have been working with lighting systems and lighting technologies for over 30 years. Because of our expertise and experience, we are able to navigate the vast landscape of this industry.

Our team of skilled engineers continuously evaluate new technologies to help you decide from thousands of potential technology providers. By understanding the extensive landscape of lighting, electronic, and sensing technologies that exist and by also understanding your individual project goals and requirements, we can source and develop the right technologies for your application while creating innovative designs for better market adoption.

Lighting Systems

More Than Just A Light  

Everything from overlays and modifiers to electronics circuitry and cables, all play a crucial role in your lighting system.

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Light Guide Film
Developed through proprietary optical processing and controlled through selective etch patterns and materials.
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Fiber Optic Panels
Utilizes a proprietary process using plastic optical fiber panels to create light where you need it
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Specialty Markets

Experts for Diverse Applications Even in the Most Challenging Markets

Industry Landscape

A Complex and Extensive Network of Suppliers

The lighting technology landscape is made up of a complex and extensive network of suppliers. Discover just how extensive that network is and how Lumitex can help you navigate it.

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We work with you throughout the entire product development process to create innovative lighting system solutions

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