Membrane Switch Backlighting

Differentiate Your Products with Fiber Optic Backlighting

Innovative and Inspired Lighting Solutions That Adapt to Your Membrane Switches & Keypads

Fiber optic lighting for membrane switches offer many benefits over other lighting solutions such as Electroluminence (EL) or using discrete LEDs. Fiber optics have longer life than EL. It also allows you to uniformily illuminate a larger area with fewer LEDs. They are more durable and well suited for rugged applications.

Optical fibers offer many other unique benefits:


As thin as 0.2 mm for superior tactile response


Bright, Efficent, Low Power


Easy to protoype, Low-Cost, No tooling required

Fiber Optic Lighting

Why Use Lumitex Fiber Optic Lighting?

We offer plug-and-play backlighting solutions integrating the light guide, surface-mount LED's, drive circuitry, connectors, reflectors, diffusers, and mounting assemblies. All engineered into one, thin backlighting assembly.

You can easily customize and adapt backlighting solutions to your application by adding any number of enhancements that we offer. Some of these options include:

Die-cut holes - Complex custom shapes and cutouts
Multiple LED colors
Adhesives with release liner

Membrane Switch Lighting Examples

membrane switch backlighting example

Membrane Switch for Aerospace Seat

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Passenger Control Unit (PCU)

Membrane Switch Backlighting

Membrane switches are electrical controls for turning a circuit on and off. Backlighting a membrane switch is a great way to market the application and make the legends and keys easier to read. When our customer decided to modernize one of their passenger control units to enhance traveler experience and provide a more sophisticated look to their airplanes, they approached Lumitex for lighting solution. Our engineering team was able to provide a combination of benefits that no other backlighting technology could match.

With eight layers between the slim aluminum bezel base and overlay, we needed a compact, bright, uniform light that wouldn't sacrifice the tactile response of the switch. The design flexibility and thinness of Lumitex's Clad Flat Fiber™ allowed us to seamlessly create a custom solution. At only 0.2mm thick, we extracted light only where it was needed to maximize light output with minimal disruption to the dome switch layer. The superior performance of this user-friendly light guide resulted in our engineers being tasked to produce custom lighting solutions for a variety of their passenger control units.

Key Reasons our Clad Flat Fiber™ Technology was selected

  1. Easily integrated
  2. Thinness
  3. Brightness and Uniformity