July 13, 2023

Innovation in Manufacturing: Embracing Intrapreneurship

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Innovation is the key to shaping the future of manufacturing, and it should start from within each organization. Lumitex President and CEO, Peter Broer, said that he believes "there is a deep mine of potential in mid-size companies throughout Northeast Ohio". We explored the concept of innovation in manufacturing alongside MAGNET and Bettcher Industries

We are honored to be featured in MAGNET: The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network's The Blueprint for Manufacturing in Northeast Ohio: Innovation Documentary


Innovation, at its core, involves the constant search for improvement, the ability to recognize flaws and develop solutions, and the streamlining of existing methods.

A culture of innovation fosters an atmosphere where employees are not only allowed but encouraged to freely share their creative ideas and solutions. It enables individuals to feel confident and empowered in their ability to brainstorm and introduce novel concepts that can revolutionize the manufacturing industry. 

In “The Blueprint for Manufacturing in Northeast Ohio: Innovation Documentary”, the word “intrapreneurship” is ruminated on. Intrapreneurship in the sense of acting like an entrepreneur inside an established company. This concept combines entrepreneurial drive and agility with the ability to harness the resources and strengths of an established organization.

At Lumitex, we thrive in an atmosphere that enables us to collaborate with our customers, truly understanding their needs. This understanding allows us to provide effective solutions that solve their problems and contribute to their success. We take pride in our ability to innovate and bring to life products and applications that were previously unimaginable. This results in the advancement of novel materials and technologies, empowering manufacturers to create products that push the boundaries of what is possible in the manufacturing industry.

"The sky is not the limit... it's the sky and beyond." - Peter Broer, President and CEO at Lumitex

So, are you ready to innovate with us?


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Lindsay Jankovic

Lindsay Jankovic

Lindsay Jankovic is the Marketing Manager at Lumitex. Passionate about showcasing the critical role of lighting in healthcare, Lindsay employs a variety of marketing strategies, from content creation and digital marketing to SEO and social media campaigns, to highlight innovations that enhance patient care and improve life with light.