Cut-2-Size™ Backlighting Kit

Easy, Rapid Backlight Prototyping in under 5 minutes!

Use the Cut-2-Size Backlighting Kit for Prototyping or Low Volume Production Backlighting

No NRE. No Lead-time. No Engineering. Lumitex Cut-2-Size™ Flat Fiber will enable you to:


Produce fast-turn backlit protoypes and marketing samples


Evaluate our Clad Flat Fiber Technology


Provide lighting solutions for your lower volume production projects

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How Cut-2-Size Works

The Cut-2-Size kit includes eight, Clad Flat Fiber™ (CFF) flexible panels and a printed circuit board with eight LEDs that can be powered by a standard 9VDC supply. The polycarbonate panels can be easily cut in any shape or size using standard cutting tools, and the LED board can also be cut to create two separate boards.

Cut-2-Size Example


Liquid Crystal Display

Molded light guides represent a very strong competition in higher volume LCD applications, but are usually not practical to tool up for low to medium volume custom backlights. Therefore, our Cut-2-Size™ Backlighting Kit was the perfect solution for this professional audio and video company’s low volume project. Requiring no tooling or non-recurring engineering charges, the Cut-2-Size™ kit includes thin, Clad Flat Fiber™ optical sheets and printed circuit boards. Using just a pair of scissors, the flexible polycarbonate optical sheets were easily cut to create a custom backlight in a matter of minutes. To quote their system designer “I don’t see this being the last time we purchase one of your kits!”

Key Reasons Cut-2-Size was the right fit...

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Cost efficient.
  3. Everything included- fully populated circuit board and light guide sheet

About Cut-2-Size Kits

Cut-2-Size was created for design engineers who need quick prototype backlighting for membrane switches, keypads, overlays, LCDs or other graphics displays. It can also be used for fast-turn, small volume production.

Requiring no tooling or non-recurring engineering (NRE), the Cut-2-Size Kits include either 0.45mm or 0.3mm thin, 6” x 11”, Clad Flat Fiber™ (CFF) flexible optical sheets; and printed circuit boards with eight, white side-fire LEDs that can be powered by a standard 9VDC supply.

The polycarbonate panels can be easily cut into any shape or size using standard cutting tools such as scissors or a knife. The LED board can also be cut, creating two separate boards. An adhesive strip on the circuit board acts to stabilize the transition edge and allow better coupling of the light guide panel.

These Cut-2-Size panels with integrated back reflectors use our patented light extraction method, distributing photons across the surface of the panel to achieve a uniform, integrated light without heat, surface electricity or EMI.

The rapid prototyping and small volume production capabilities of Cut-2-Size Backlighting will speed customer decisions, bringing new products with better lighting to market sooner in automotive, medical, electronics, and instrumentation markets.

Cut-2-Size is developed from our Clad Flat Fiber technology which offers high brightness and requires less power than LED arrays and most LED light guides. It also provides consistent performance in hazardous environments, withstanding a wide temperature range, high humidity, shock and vibration.

Lumitex Value Added Services

Lumitex Value Added Services (L-VAS) provides detailed engineering and design support from concept to production for your application. 

Working with Lumitex’s engineering team  we will prepare a detailed proposal for your evaluation and approval.  We draw insight from our significant experience in optical design and backlighting. To learn more about how Lumitex engineering can become an extension of your team, contact a Lumitex lighting expert today.