Specialty Lighting

Lightweight, rugged, power-efficient lighting solutions


Among other applications, Lumitex has designed splash lighting, laser tag vests, accent lighting, logo lighting, and light for basketball hoops, light masks, running shoes, snowboards, bicycles and helmets.


Cool, Thin, Flexible Medical Light Exactly Where You Need It

Our surgical illuminators provide cool, shadowless light inside the surgical cavity. Our illuminators can be customized for disposable, single use, multi-functional devices. We also provide specialized OR suite lighting, MRI lighting and LCD lighting for portable medical equipment.

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Why our Technology is Ideal for Specialty Lighting Applications

For Military or Recreational Lighting

Our customers can use custom-designed lighting solutions that are on-shore and ITAR-compliant.

Fiber optics are used in membrane switches, LCDs, dash lighting and anti-fratricide personnel IR beacons (TRON™).

Our solutions are lightweight, rugged, power-efficient and long-lasting for battlefield conditions.

Proprietary, flexibe fiber optic technology and diverse design experience enable us to fit unusually demanding applications.

We offer modest design and prototyping charges and quick manufacturing turnaround.

Specialty Lighting Examples


Laser Tag Vest

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