Capacitive Touch Switch

Why Use Fiber Optics for Capacitive Touch Backlighting



With its low-profile, our Light Guide Film technology can provide an inert illumination layer that works well in capacitive touch applications.

LED based fiber optic backlights are a cost-effective method to achieve uniform lighting across an area or discrete zones for enhanced appearance. Fiber optics allow for low-power consumption relative to LED arrays and have a long life (>100,000 hours). Fiber optics also have no complex electrical drivers/inverters and can be easily integrated into the capacitive touch driver board. They are also heat/EMI free and therefore do not interfere with switch operation.

Benefits of Our Capacitive Touch Technology

Our Clad Flat Fiber (CFF) Light Guide Film technology offers many benefits that make it an ideal choice for lighting capacitive touch applications. These include:


A thin profile that allows for maintaining capacitive response


Flexible, scratch-resistant integration


Directional and energy-efficient lighting



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How Our Features Work

We offer many enhancements to customize our lighting to meet your product specifications. These include:

Selectively masking areas
Adding Integrated Printed reflector
Adding a diffuser layer and/or Brightness Enhancing Film (BEF)
Specifying Components and Power Requirements

In addition, our sales and engineering teams will support you from prototyping through production.

Lumitex Value Added Services

Lumitex Value Added Services (L-VAS) provides detailed engineering and design support from concept to production for your application. 

Working with Lumitex’s engineering team  we will prepare a detailed proposal for your evaluation and approval.  We draw insight from our significant experience in optical design and backlighting. To learn more about how Lumitex engineering can become an extension of your team, contact a Lumitex lighting expert today.