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Custom Backlighting for Laptop and Desktop Keyboards

Backlit keyboards are becoming increasingly more popular as consumers spend more time on their computers and want better visibility, versatility, and aesthetics. Office workers and gamers alike find that the backlit keyboards make it easier to be on the computer regardless of the level of light in the room. Whether it is a lap top or desktop computer, backlit keyboards are capturing a significant share of the keyboarding market.

Why our Technology is Ideal for Keyboard Backlighting

Computers and laptops need to be thin, lightweight, and aesthetically pleasing to meet the growing needs of the tech-savvy consumer and stand out in this demanding market. Choosing the correct backlight for your keyboard project can help meet these needs. Our Clad Flat Fiber™ (CFF) technology is a great fit for the keyboard backlighting market and offers many benefits:


Low Profile - Our CFF technology comes as thin as .3mm.


Space Saving - Our CFF technology has no tail which allows the panel to take up minimal space in the overall design.


Aesthetics - Consistent, uniform lighting with the ability to light only where the light is needed through selective etching


Efficient - Bright, efficient, and low power. We work with our customers to optimize the overall design to be power efficient and meet power requirements

Global Manufacturing - Ability to manufacture in Taiwan

Keyboard Lighting Examples

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Who We Work With

We partner with engineering, marketing, and product design teams to develop an innovate and customer approach to their keyboard application. Companies that are the best fit to work with us include:

Lap Top and Desktop Computer Manufacturers
Computer Keyboard Manufacturers
Design Firms

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A manufacturer of industrial, military, and marine keyboards contacted Lumitex to develop a Uni-Glo®fiberoptic backlight assembly to replace an Electro-Luminescent (EL) backlight.

Due to the many harsh enviroments these keyboards were used in, the EL backlight did not provide adequate life for its end customers, along with the emission of EMI (noise).  Depending on the color, EL life only offered 1,500 to 3,000 hours and it also required an expensive filter to block the EMI interference from the EL inverter. 

One of the design challenges we faced was the ability to backlight the entire keyboard along with the icons that surrounded the keyboard trackball with only two (5), 5mm, LEDs.  This was ultimately accomplished due to the design flexibility of the Uni-Glo® Technology, along with the development of the Bendi-glo, fiber bending process.

The Uniglo Technology was also selected due to the extreme thinness of the panel (.013”), which also allowed a very smooth tactile response through the overlay and aluminum, membrane switch domes.  The 5mm LEDs provided 50K hours of life and because the fiberoptic backlight is totally inert, the backlight assembly did require any filtering. 

Key Reasons our Woven and UniGlo Fiber Optic Panels Technology was selected

  1. Life
  2. No filtering or inverter required
  3. Thinness – Tactile Response
  4. Uniformity – light output
  5. Utilizing (2) LEDs – Power Consumption
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